Presentation of Lopes & Gomes, S.A.

Lopes & Gomes S.A. is a company dedicated to the construction of all kinds of steel structures. It is located in Zona Industrial do Casal do Cego, Marrazes, Leiria, near the IC2 and A1 junction.

For the last 38 years we have designed, produced and assembled different kinds of structures and acquired a vast experience in our business area, which we share with the various technical offices we work with so that, in the end of each work, we can offer a product with quality and, most important, we can satisfy our clients.

It is a priority for Lopes & Gomes S.A. to keep high levels of quality, in order to strengthen our image with the client. To do so we have invested, in 2009, in the certification of our company with the standard DIN 18800-7 Class D.

We design, produce and/or assemble:
  • Steel structure pavilions
  • Structures for kilns
  • Air and gas channeling for the ceramic industry
  • Support structures for machines
  • Structures for platforms
  • Silos
  • Dryer cars
  • Steel bridges